Stargazing / Wry neck

Stargazing / Wry neck


Crook neck, Torticollis, Stargazing, Twisted neck, Limber neck.

Wry neck is not an illness itself but rather a symptom used to describe an abnormal head and neck position. Wry neck or stargazing is a condition characterized of unable to hold its neck up on its own.

Stargazing (see video) in Japaneese quail involves drawing the neck backwards.

Causes of wry neck:

Wry neck (see on bdvets.com) can be occurred due to several causes. It may be a genetic issue, or due to vitamin deficiency, or even due to a head injury. Wry Neck can also be a symptom of other diseases such as exposure to toxins, BotulismNewscastle DiseaseMarek’s Disease, or an ear infection.

The level of Vitamin E for chickens of all ages and types is between 10 and 25 IUs. Poultry diets lacking in the proper amount of Vitamin E can result in wry neck.

Vitamin B1 or Thiamine deficiency can also result in wry neck in chickens. 

Predesposing factor for wry neck disease:

Vitamin Deficiencies

Head Trauma

Newcastle Disease

Fowl Cholera

Avian Encephalomyelitis


Marek’s Disease


Ear Infection

Signs and Symptoms:



Provide Vitamin E and Thiamine

Separate the afflicted chick

Hand feeding might be necessary

Consult with veterinarian



Provide Good-quality feed

Supplement diet with Vitamin E

Feed newly hatch chicks or ducklings with Vitamin E supplement

Vaccinate timely against Newcastle, Marek’s and other diseases.


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