Vitalamino Forte Vet

Explore the essential composition, uses, and dosage of Vitalamino Forte Vet, a potent nutritional supplement for animals. Learn how it improves growth, immunity, and overall health. 🐓🐄🥛


Discover the benefits and usage of V-Plex Vet Vitamin-B Complex, a vital supplement for animals. Learn about its composition, indications, dosage, and precautions in this informative article. 🐾

E-Vet Plus

E-Vet Plus, a veterinary solution containing Vitamin E and Selenium, for preventing and treating deficiency diseases in livestock and poultry. Learn about its composition, dosage, and indications for use.

Combipen Vet

Explore the composition, pharmacology, indications, dosage, contraindications, and more of Combipen Vet®, a vital medicine for animal health. Learn how to administer it safely and its withdrawal period for meat and milk consumption.

A-Cal Vet

Discover A-Cal Vet, the comprehensive sterile injectable solution enriched with Calcium, Magnesium, and Boric Acid. Elevate cardiac health, bone strength, and overall well-being in animals.

Steron Vet

Introducing Steron Vet, a specialized solution containing Dexamethasone for animals, addressing various health issues including inflammation and pain relief. Suitable for different species and administration routes.


Discover XILIAN VET, a water-soluble powder for animals containing Andrographis paniculata, a potent herb with antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Enhance animal health and growth naturally.

Moxilin Vet

Moxilin Vet is a powerful veterinary medication containing Amoxicillin, a broad-spectrum penicillin, available in both bolus and injectable forms. It effectively treats various infectious diseases in animals, offering a safe and reliable solution for veterinarians.

🐾🩺Phenadryl Vet🐶🐱

Discover Phenadryl Vet, the effective antihistaminic solution for animals. With Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride BP, it provides relief from allergies and offers additional benefits like sedation, anti-tussive, and anti-emetic effects. Keep your pets and livestock comfortable and allergy-free with Phenadryl Vet!


Discover DILORES VET Oral Solution, a powerful blend of natural extracts that promote easy respiration and enhance overall respiratory health in animals. With its bronchodilating, expectorant, and immunostimulant properties, DILORES VET provides optimal support for your beloved pets and livestock. Improve their well-being and productivity today!